Namecheap 難得的 0.98 美元買網址優惠又來了!

Namecheap 0.98 美元買網址限期優惠,推廣活動於美國東部日期黑色星期五 ( 2014/11/28 ) 及 ( 2014/12/01 ) 這兩天,時間為當日「上午 12 點 01 分至下午 11 點 59 分」。若你最近正好需要架設網站或為自己的部落格申請一個網址,可別錯過了這次的優惠活動!

這次推廣活動「.com / ,net / .org ( 一年 )」註冊及轉入皆優惠為 0.98 美元,「.club / .website ( 一年 )」註冊為 0.98 美元,這個價格輪流在各地推廣,每個小時改變,所以需要常回「Namecheap」網站查看。

由於為英文網站,如果需要註冊方面的設定資訊,可參考「Namecheap 買網址域名申請網域註冊教學」觀看相關教學,下方補充這次推廣活動的完整資訊。

Namecheap 難得的 0.98 美元買網址優惠又來了!_001


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Winter has arrived, and that means holiday shopping. Why not give yourself a gift this year? In keeping with Namecheap holiday tradition, we're offering our best prices of the year during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Have a look at what's available:
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  • Comodo PositiveSSL $0.98 (first year)
  • "Lucky dip" dedicated server $48.88/mo., while supplies last 
  • .website registration $0.98 (first year) 
  • Black Friday only: .io registration $19.88 (first year)
How can you get in on these deals? It's all about timing. These offers will rotate throughout the promotion, changing every hour, so you'll want to check back often. When you see the deal you want, grab it!
The promotion runs 12:01am to 11:59pm EST Friday Nov. 28, 2014 and 12:01am to 11:59pm EST Monday Dec. 1, 2014.
As an added bonus, you can maximize your Bitcoins on Black Friday. Friday Nov. 28 only, whenever you add 0.1 Bitcoin to your Namecheap account we'll include a bonus -- an extra 20% midnight to 2am, 15% 2am to 6am, 10% 6am to 11:59pm. Visit for more info.
See you at Namecheap on the 28th. Thank you for your business.
Happy holidays!
-- Team Namecheap


Namecheap 買網址域名申請網域註冊教學

[教學] Namecheap DNS 代管、MX 記錄、續約服務設定

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Line 分享按鈕:文章分享語法相容網頁版、行動裝置、APP

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